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Our gem on the South Coast

The South Coast of England has everything that you could ask for, from the peaceful Purbeck hills, to the hive of activity at Southampton port and the endless sandy beaches at West Wittering – the whole region has so much to offer to both residents and visitors. Centrally located within this stretch of coastline is Hythe Marina. On the edge of the New Forest and a stone’s throw across from Southampton, this waterside gem perches by the Solent.

Hythe itself as a village is a hub of local activity, with the classic British high street and all of the traditional community features which are lacking in so many villages across Britain today. Hythe Marina was the first marina village to be built in the UK, and it incorporates all of the best qualities of Hythe itself. The cluster of houses looking over the water and the hillside park where you can walk your dog produces a relaxed, peaceful environment; and whilst strolling around the berths and the boat yard you can have fun seeing what boats are in dock at the moment.

The central square in the marina also provides you with a brokerage, high class restaurants and bars as well as a boutique hotel and several local businesses. It is the perfect place to have lunch by the water, stroll around the square or just read a book by the fountain.

With Southampton port just across the Solent, the waters are frequently visited by the large cruise ships. To see these huge ships sail out with their horns blaring and fireworks in background is quite spectacular. Hythe Marina offers an incredible view of the whole of Southampton Waters and quite a crowd will gather to watch the large ships sail past as the passenger’s wave from the decks.

The hidden gem that is Hythe Marina is just waiting to be explored!