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What makes a great landlord

Having a good tenant-landlord rapport is instrumental in providing the best working relationship possible for both parties. All renters would like the ideal landlord, whilst all landlords would love the perfect tenant!

Great landlords attract great tenants, renting your property is a business – so you need to provide the best possible service that your clients are going to pay for, this will ensure that you get and keep the good tenants. The average landlord spends between 20-40hours filling each vacancy; a good tenant will not only treat your property well, but they will also save you hours of additional work each year when you don’t have to follow up on late rent.

A warm welcome can go a long way. Providing your new tenant with information on the area (shops, restaurants, pharmacies, public transport links etc.) will help them settle into the area and show that you will go the extra mile. Consider writing a positive welcome note for their move in – with any information they may need about the property such as rubbish collection as well as reiterating your contact details.

Be professional with your clients, first impressions are a very influential factor and presenting yourself smartly will give them faith in you as a landlord and your ability to resolve any issues that may arise. You should always be consistent, follow the lease guidelines which everyone agreed to if a problem should arise and be courteous by responding promptly to any maintenance requests. It is important to maintain a professional relationship with your tenants, while it is great if you all get on well make sure that you draw the line there. In the event that you ever have to face them in court or evict them, having that emotional distance will ensure that your business does not suffer as a result.

Make yourself available to the tenants with more than one contact method. In the event of an emergency they should have a number which can reach you at night as well as an email address and an alternative number. Apply standard business etiquette to your rental clients and get back to any communications from them as soon as possible, this shows that you not only respect them but demonstrates your efficiency. You can exemplify your landlord quality before the lease is even signed by making time to go through the lease clause by clause with the tenant and making sure that all parties are fully satisfied with understanding their rights and responsibilities.

Be digitally savvy! In today’s world, everything is available online, your business should recognize and accommodate this. Offering online lease signing and an online payment method will make things more convenient for your tenants as well as yourself. You can also keep digital records of any relevant paperwork to protect against any documents getting lost, this provides you with a comprehensive file, and you are easily able to provide the tenant with copies of the paperwork if needed!